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It may seem silly for this blog to have a “Terms and Conditions” page, but Google likes them, and I wish to keep Google happy.

Everybody is welcome who is interested in me, books and stories I’ve written, who wishes me to write a sales letter or video or web copy or email or blog post or case study or white paper or article or anything I choose to write about in these posts.

Read as much as you like. That’s what these posts are for, to be read.

You are also encouraged to go to the online book dealer of your choice, find my books and buy them. On this site I will place only links to Amazon editions — Kindle or CreateSpace. That’s because Amazon has a good conversion rate.

Also, I used to be an Amazon affiliate. The Missouri state legislature and Governor Jay Nixon want Amazon to pay sales taxes, so I can no longer make money as an Amazon affiliate.

Thanks, guys, for cutting my income. You just lost my vote.

Of course, if you prefer to use Barnes & Noble (say, you own a Nook instead of a Kindle), Kobo, Smashwords, the Apple iStore, Diesel, that’s fine too.

You are welcome — encouraged — to comment on my posts and/or previous comments on a post, with the usual understanding you are commenting on the post, not spamming, not flaming, and so on.

Discussion, disagreement, and arguments are great so long as they’re courteous and respectful.

I’m using various techniques to eliminate comment spam, and I reserve the right to delete or never post any comment which is either spam or which is not contributing to the discussion or does so in a negative way.

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