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Richard Stooker hails from the Mississippi River town of Alton, Illinois, warping him for life.Rich in history, Alton provides a combination of the idyllic Illinois background Ray Bradbury wrote of; the Mississippi River and bluffs of Mark Twain; and a rich, unique history -- often violent.From the Indian legend of the Piasa Bird, to the tallest man who ever lived (Robert Wadlow), to the assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., James Earl Ray.FATE Magazine terms Alton "The most haunted small town in America."Richard's childhood home stands close to the route where Union wagons once carried the corpses of Confederate prisoners who died of smallpox. At 8 years old, he first hears of James Earl Ray, (who later assassinates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Ray robs a grocery story owned by the grandparents of close neighbors and friends.In 1974 a still-unknown murderer abducts one of Richard's friends from a record store and kills him. Several years later, the father of other childhood friends goes on a jealousy-inspired, mass murder spree, killing three people -- including Richard's high school class president -- before committing suicide.Richard's over 30 years for a social service government agency gives him a broad background of dealing with both the worst and best people in modern society.When he writes, Richard realizes the horror and joy of every day life inspire dark fantasy stories.

Jan 242016

And if you recognize the source of this baby boomer blog’s title, then it’s for you.

Only, I’m moving it off this domain.

I’ve decided to devote to my writing works and services. Fiction and nonfiction. To sell books and to attract clients.

Unlike many authors, who write blogs about writing and self-publishing, which only other writers are interested in, I tried to write a blog that readers would be interested in. Fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, and so on.

Only I couldn’t keep up with it. And, really, how many blog posts can I write on those subjects? Actually, I guess I could write a lot. Plus, many readers would be interested in my personal life, just as a reader I’m interested in reading about the lives of writers I enjoy reading.

But, I didn’t keep up with it.

I’ve decided I want a blog where I can combine many different interests and get personal (to the extent I’m comfortable with that, which is not as much as today’s young adults who think everybody in the world, or at least their friends, cares what they ate for breakfast. Me, I don’t think anybody cares what I ate for breakfast, unless I tie it into something else.

I’ve gotten older as the calender measures time. That’s brought experiences and thoughts on a host of important issues: money, retirement, health, lifestyle, and so on. I’m a baby boomer. One of eighty million in the U.S. We’re all getting older.

Plus, it ties into many different things happening now. How we’re adapting to the changing world. How we’re still forcing the world to adapt to us (it’s always done so, ever since we turned Gerber baby food into a major company, and so on.

We’ve been hippies and yuppies. Now many of us are senior citizens or close to it. I for one do not wish to feel like I’m handing the reins of responsibility and power over to the younger generations. I spent over 45 years working jobs I didn’t enjoy. Now I’m working one I do, I don’t plan to stop, ever.

Therefore, the new blog will be able all these baby boomer issues. How they affect the world. And me.

While this site remains about my writing.

Maybe I’ll come up with new blog posts related to what I write. Who knows? Mainly it will serve as a portfolio site.

Boomer, Forever Young

Baby boomers and others, check it out now.