Sep 062013

Not only have I recently begun making new posts to this blog, I’ve dipped my toe into other social media waters.

I had a Facebook personal profile which I almost never visited. Now I’ve got a Facebook page dedicated to myself as a writer: Richard Stooker Writes

Facebook Author Page:

I once did a lot of work on LinkedIn. I just revamped all my info to show all I do now is write fiction.


Years ago I opened a Goodreads account, and then did nothing with it. I still haven’t done much, but I will soon:

Plus, I opened up Amazon Central Author account pages at all the Amazon stores that currently have them:

Amazon Author Central:
US —
UK —
France —
Germany —
Japan —

You may notice one significant gap. The one social media site which I decided could wait, at least for a while, is Twitter. I may join Twitter in the future, but first I think I better get the hang of hanging out on Facebook and Goodreads, not to mention posting here more often.