Let’s Tell Your Product Stories to the World


Broadcast Your Business and Product Stories to the World

Facts are Just Facts Until Stories Give Them Meaning and Highlight Customer Benefits, Moving Them to Buy

How Many Dollars has Your Business Already Lost Because You Bury Your Stories Deeper Than a Pirate Hiding His Treasure Chest of Gold?

You’re busy running your business.

Employees and outsourcers fail to produce. Or even to show up. Or want to waste time on their own goals.

Customers are unhappy. Suppliers want more money. Websites change their terms of service, demanding you change your listings or your advertising.

The government passes new laws your attorney needs to advise you on before an alphabet agency shuts you down.

The IT Department is on Line 1, a Chinese manufacturer on Line 2, your venture capital firm’s representative on Line 3, New York on Line 4, a Filipino graphic designer on Skype, and you’re ten minutes late for a sales meeting to negotiate your biggest contract yet.

Your email inbox is full. Facebook wants to know who your friends are. LinkedIn wants you to pay to find out who has viewed your profile, even though nobody has. Google+ wants you to add your competitors into your circles. You’ve forgotten how to tweet. And your Pinterest boards are empty.

Your website copy is as appealing as three-day old lima beans. As informative as the 1938 hardbound edition of the Worldbook Encyclopedia. As persuasive as an ad for sand published in the Sahara Desert Daily.

A marketing consultant told you to collect email addresses, but your Aunt Mabel has a bigger list for the hand-knitted sweaters she sells on Etsy. You haven’t emailed your list for six months because that announced a big sale, and nobody click on the link. 20%, what more do they want?

Your Marketing Department is begging you for white papers, press releases, case studies, dedicated landing pages tailored to Pay Per Click ads, regular blog posts (something about something called “content marketing,” but you haven’t posted since last May) . . .

Who has the time to write all that stuff?

Who wants to? Who can? You barely remember passing that required Business Communications college course. You sure don’t have time to concentrate now. Your techies can configure networks fifty different ways, but they don’t know how to structure a sales message.

*Cough cough* Here’s where I step into the picture.. .

Bill Gates was born to found Microsoft.

Paul McCartney was born to make music.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born to be queen of England.

Me, I was born to write

I don’t know why. Fate? Karma? Maybe it’s just what I decided to create for myself.

Blessing or curse, it is what it is. So be it.

Give me your landing pages, your white papers, your case studies, your email autoresponder sequences yearning to breathe free.

I’m a storyteller.

I write fiction (mostly novels these days, but I have written short stories and could again) to entertain.

I also write product stories designed to persuade: sales letters, videos, emails, blog posts, articles, case studies, press releases, white paper and so on.

It’s like I have an underground river in my mind that shoots out as I write. What I write is just a matter of what I wish. Fiction and some nonfiction for myself, Richard Stooker. Copy for clients.

It’s up to my intention.

To read the story of my writing life click on this link.

To see my nonfiction credentials click on this link.

To check out my works of fiction click on this link.

You and your business have many product stories that need telling

Stories about you and how you created your product or service.

Stories about your product or service.

Stories about your customers.

Stories about your prospects. They want to know about themselves. That’s how you prove you have their best interests at heart.

Business owners have many stories to tell, but they’re usually not writers.

Your stories may need to take the form of salesletters, emails, blog posts, articles, product listings, press releases, case studies or white papers.

That’s how you connect with your prospects and so grow your business.

Companies don’t sit around waiting for salespeople to cold call them anymore. Or even to schmooze them at high-level networking events.

They have a problem, they look for a solution just like you look for the nearest Thai restaurant. They Google it.

According to a study by CEB Global, “57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier.”

According to Hubspot, “Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate.”

And: “Companies spending more than 50% of their lead generation on inbound marketing report a significantly lower cost-per-lead.”

So you make more money and higher profits

The Content Marketing Institute reports 9 out of 10 companies use content marketing. Therefore, if you’re not, 9 of your competitors are.

Stories explain the customer benefits in an engaging way, so your prospects feel and understand how you can help them.

Just let me know how I can help you help your prospects see and understand your story. So they click on the Buy button now.

Send me an email to tell me how I can help you meet your sales goals by writing your product stories.



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